Ayurvedic Health centers in Bangalore


At ARTH, we believe Ayurveda is the ideal way of life for the 21st century.Our mission is to provide flawless vedic treatment,by a team of dedicated professionals We believe in creating a patient oriented fully integrated healthcare delivery system. We are one of a kind Panchakarma treatment center in bangalore. We imbibe the logic of natural medication in our treatments on a daily basis, giving a comprehensive and authentic Ayurvedic medication to all the patients.

Ayurvedic Hospital in Bangalore


We dwell on the idea of sustained medication, which means our physicians do not simply prescribe medicines for an immediate symptom but emphasize more on adopting an approach which requires effort from both physician and the patient. As an ayurvedic hospital in Bangalore, at ARTH, we aim to eradicate an ailment rather than curing it. We do not believe in a generalist approach towards our patients. We provide individual care for comfort.

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