A sedentary lifestyle and indulgence in high fat or fried foods, leads to excess body fat, which gives rise to overweight and obesity. This condition induces hypertension, diabetes, and many such metabolic disorders. Hence, weight management is crucial.

Arth Ayurveda’s weight reduction treatment includes a comprehensive weight loss plan that provides the weight loss in the easiest way possible by a natural treatment. Not only that, as you will lose weight, the physical and mental health will experience a noticeable improvement as well.


Our Treatment Aims At:

  • Cutting down excess fat.
  • Correcting irregular metabolism
  • Clearing the body channels
  • Preventing further fat accumulation
  • Boosting energy levels in the body

The treatment requires the patients to be on a certain diet, follow the regime of exercises advised. The rigorous Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment for obesity in Bangalore includes weight loss for various durations depending upon the condition.Panchakarma is a really effective way of therapeutic reduction of obesity. The underlying systemic cause for the same has to be managed before treating the obesity which might be a resultant of the same. Weight management / Weight reduction processes done without handling all the underlying causes might be disastrous for one’s long term health.

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