7 Ayurvedic Secrets for Healthy Digestion

Being the cornerstone of our body, the digestion system holds the responsibilities of our health & strength, be it, emotional, mental, as well as physical. Ayurveda views digestion with a different perspective. If digestion system isn’t functioning properly the energy, health and the body’s ability to heal and renew is decreased.

Digestion depends on how and what we eat. If we eat too much-processed food that we are also consuming lots of toxic chemicals which only make our digestion system weak. Heavy meals, on the other hand, can make your digestion system out of sync which starts to reflect on our health.

Keep your digestion system healthy as a horse by following these effective Ayurvedic tips.

Eat When You Feel Hungry

Feeling hungry is your body’s way of letting you know that the digestive system is ready to work and is primed. Consuming food when you are not hungry, out of habit or boredom can really stress your digestive system out.

Ease the Digestion System’s Fire

Our digestion system is similar to fire, the more we kindle and stoke, the more the flame is higher. And the higher the fire, the efficient the process. Have a glass of wine with your meals. You can also cut a raw ginger into thin slices, pour a few drops of lemon juice on it and sprinkle some sea salt on it. Consume this 10-15 times before the meal.

Give Your Digestion System Some Room

The unit of measurement correlates to the size of your stomach. It tells you that how much you should be ingesting at any meal. Ideally, we should be filling our stomach with one-third of food, one third of liquid, and the other third with space. This will give your stomach enough room for mixing & churning the consumed food in a more organized manner.

Wait for At Least 2 ½ Hours before Filling your Stomach

Ideally, you should give your digestive system some time to complete the digestive cycle after consuming the food. Wait for at least two and a half hours before snacking up again. Eating food before then that can stress the digestive system and it won’t have the time to begin another cycle.

Say No to Weak Food

Poor food can cause toxic buildup in the digestive tract. Fruits which are high in water must not be mixed with dairy products, meat, grains, vegetables, etc. Fruits such as melons, strawberries, etc. can be consumed alone.

Avoid Cold Food or Beverage

Consuming cold food can put your digestion system in making extra effort to break down the food. Our stomach acts as a hot stove and warm food makes it easier to break it down and churn properly. Eating something cold is a lot you are asking from your digestion system.

Lean More Towards Soups and Stews

Foods that contain liquids are easy to digest and also filling. Include soups and stews in your diet. It is better to digest the food in an easy way than to suffer from a weak digestion system.

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