7 Reasons to Study Ayurveda in India with Arth

I’m not good at health. Though I’m 31 – and therefore, a full-on adult – I eat like a kid. My favorite cereals are Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Frosted Flakes. I don’t really like to drink water and often go full days without a glass. I hate vegetables and love sweets. When I traveled to Bangalore, India with Leave UR Mark to learn about Ayurvedic health, I knew anything I learned would be beneficial and help me to become better at this “adulting” thing. While you may be more mature about your eating habits, I think everyone should learn about natural health. And if you’re going to learn about it, you might as well go to Bangalore – one of my favorite cities – to do so. Here are 7 reasons why *you* should travel to Bangalore with Arth to study Ayurvedic medicine:

(1) Receive a personal health analysis

With just two minutes of feeling my pulse and ten seconds of looking at my tongue, Dr. Prashanth at Arth Ayurveda told me things about my health that had bothered me for years. After looking at my tongue, he told me about my stomach issues and said that I should start drinking hot water, a habit I’ve kept up since it’s helped. He also told me things about myself that I didn’t know were related to health – for example, that I always have to wear sunglasses when I’m outside, even in overcast. How he could tell that from feeling my pulse, I may never know.

(2) Learn how to eat for your own body

According to Ayurvedic health, not everyone is supposed to eat the same things in order to feel and be healthy. After my health analysis, I received a personal dietary plan based on Dr. Prashanth’s observations. For me, one of the things that means is cooked vegetables (pumpkin, squash, etc.) are better for me than leafy vegetables n salads, but for you, it could be the complete opposite.

(3) Receive relaxation, detoxification, and cosmetology treatments

During my time in India, I received several treatments at Arth Ayurveda. Some were relaxing, some were detoxifying, and some made my hair and skin look better than they’d looked in years. Ayurvedic therapeutic massages are much different than your traditional spa or nail salon massage in that you’ll actually see and feel physical results of the treatments for a long time afterward.

(4) Learn natural health tips

While many of us are quick to run to the drugstore or the bathroom cabinet when we feel sick, sometimes what ails us can easily be helped by what we have in our kitchens. This means fewer chemicals going into your body and also allowing your foods to multitask for you. For example, did you know guava helps control high blood pressure, warm milk can reduce stress and relax muscles, and avocado and garlic help detoxify the liver?

(5) Discover the real benefits of yoga

There’s no question that India is one of the greatest places in the world to do yoga, and it’s also one of the best places to learn about it. While some of us may see yoga as more of a workout, in India it’s for whole body health. Learn what positions to practice to help your own trouble areas. For example, camel pose and corpse pose help calm the mind and there are a variety of poses said to help those dealing with diabetes.

(6) Sample Ayurvedic medicines

Arth Ayurveda now has their own natural medicine line and as a student, you will be able to sample these. Included in the line are Neurolive (for joint pain relief), Sorecare (a muscle relaxant), and Khadiradi Vati (cough lozanges). Also included are some beauty products like Keratocare (hair oil), and Soundryakalpa (a facepack).

(7) Experience the full medicinal process

At Atreya Ayurvedic Medical College, there is a full garden with plants used to make medicines and oils. See what chiles, curry leaves, indian basil (tulsi), turmeric, lemon grass, and more look like and learn what ailments each is good for. You’ll gain hands-on experience in how to properly grow the plants, extract the medicinal parts from the plants, and transform the medicine into usable forms, like pills and oils.

Whatever your reason, you will absolutely get a lot out of studying Ayurvedic medicine in India. Even if you’re as stubborn and sugar-loving as me, you’ll end up making changes for the better. And nothing’s more important than your health.

Written by Erin Faherty of the blog 10 Miles Behind Me. Follow her Facebook page to look up more information about her experience with us at Arth.

If you would like more information on how to study Ayurveda in India with Arth, please email us at business@arthworld.com

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