After-Travel Ayurveda Home Treatments by The World Wanderer

Arth participated in #escape2goa, a digital travel media event hosted by us, Leave UR Mark and The Goa Tourism Department. We had a chance to interact with a New York based blogger called The World Wanderer. As someone who is constantly traveling around the world, we got to do an assessment and have her test some of our medicine that helps travelers stay healthy through Ayurveda. We have shared some of her experiences with Arth Ayurveda products. For the full article, please visit her blog.

“While I was relatively familiar with Ayurvedic treatments before I arrived in Goa, I was more than a little excited to meet with Dr. Prashanth of Arth Ayurveda one morning at Ashiyana Yoga Centre. In the past year, I’ve studied a bit about Ayurveda and have tried to use many of its principals in my life. My knowledge is a long way from where it needs to be, but I do believe the small changes I’ve made have made a difference. After listening to Dr. Prashanth explain the basics, he gave us a little care package with a few helpful treatments. Inside included a hair oil, face mask (or pack as they call it in India), and a sore muscle oil. I tucked these away with the intention of using them to help me with my jetlag as soon as I arrived home.


I often use face masks (or packs) between and during my travels. It helps moisturize my skin and adds that extra little touch of luxury to my life. I couldn’t wait to give Arth Ayurveda’s a try because I knew it would have all the goodies I needed without any of the harmful chemicals over the counter masks may have. Dr. Prashanth gave us the instructions on how to mix the powder mask with a spoonful of water or rose water. Then, after first testing a patch on another area of the skin, to apply it to the face for about 45-minutes, letting it dry naturally. He told us that allowing it to dry naturally was important and not to try to hurry it up by fanning it.

Due to all the natural goodies, the mask has an interesting smell, but I began to prefer it compared to the chemical smell most masks have. I applied the mask and took to my bed to let it dry. It took all of my power not to help it dry to my face, but I distracted myself with some writing and maybe even a little nap. To add to my spa experience, I even put on some soft music. After removing the mask, I noticed a difference in my skin’s softness and brightness. I know that the more I use the mask, the greater changes I’ll be able to see, so I’m hoping to add this to my weekly routine.


As a yoga instructor, I often have sore muscles, but resist treating them with Western medicine and look to more holistic treatments. A sore muscle oil was right up my alley, especially after the 18 hour flight home from India. I took a small amount of oil from the bottle and rubbed it into my muscles, giving myself a little massage while doing so. I felt some relief in those muscles that are normally tense after travel. In the future, I will definitely be using this more often.”

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