An Ayurvedic Health Analysis

“Do you get irritated easily?” Dr. Prashanth asked me. I had to laugh at that question, because I become irritated extremely easily, and have my whole life. It’s something that I’m embarrassed about and I try so hard to be more patient, but it definitely manifests itself. I thought I’d kept that well hidden in my first few days working with Arth Ayurveda, but I guess my pulse said otherwise.

Dr. Prashanth was analyzing my health using an Ayurvedic method of pulse analysis. I was instructed to remove my jewelry, close my eyes, and then he placed his fingers on my wrist in a few different spots. I had been told to eat a very light breakfast if anything, and I’d had a small banana a few hours earlier.

The previous day, Dr. Prashanth had also analyzed my tongue. He advised we do this in the afternoon when the pitta dosha was stronger than in the morning. When he did this analysis, he told me that I need to sip hot water six times a day for the next three days. I’ve been doing it ever since, my housemates tease me about it, but I’ve come to enjoy it.

“You’re more comfortable wearing sunglasses?” came another question that seemed odd to me in a health analysis. That’s an understatement. I’ve often complained about how I can’t even step outside without sunglasses, even if there’s overcast. This is why I was annoyed when my parents’ puppy chewed up my favorite pair and panicked when I thought I’d lost their replacement in the Leave UR Mark apartment last week. I didn’t think my addiction to sunglasses had anything to do with my health so I was surprised.

“You eat just a little bit? But then become hungry again soon after? You eat a few small meals throughout the day?” “Yes, yes, and yes,” I responded, in shock again as I have described my eating habits in exactly this way, without ever mentioning my stomach issues to Dr. Prashanth. Dr. Prashanth also said without asking that I need to take better care of my back. I do often have back pain but I thought everyone did and didn’t think mine was anything over the top. He had me do a treatment later that day called Katibasti, where oil was poured into a dough-ring concentrating the heat on my back for maybe a half hour or so. I was also instructed to do yoga, which I love making time for, so I can easily add some specific poses to my practice.

Dr. Prashanth told me that of the three doshas that all living things are made of, I am mostly Vata, then Pitta, and less Kapha. I’ll share a little with you about my own diet plan, but know that this is for me​, based on my doshas, so in order to know what you should eat, a visit to Arth Ayurveda is recommended. I’m supposed to eat sweet fruits but avoid sour fruits, which works for me because my tastebuds do not like sour things. Cooked vegetables are better for me than leafy veggies. Here’s the best though, I am supposed to have rice, milk and cheese – which are all things I love but thought I’d be told to avoid.

Also recommended for me are some really easy fixes to help me feel better in general – drinking more water, because I drink barely any; taking an herb called Ashvaghanda, which I stocked up on in Bangalore; and giving myself a weekly oil massage to help my sensitive skin issues. A weekly massage? I think I can handle that. The issues that Dr. Prashanth pointed out to me were definitely things that I complained about frequently, but I didn’t think they were anything to be worried about, and certainly didn’t think that all of them were health-related.

I have a lot to do in order to get myself into better shape, but it sure is good to know why I don’t always feel 100%. I adore my doctors in NYC, but often times when I mention something I’m concerned about, the answer is, “No, that’s okay,” “Don’t worry about that,” or “You’re too young for that.” It also made me feel better about myself that being irritable and sensitive is ingrained deep down inside of me and is not just a way that I am just choosing to be.

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Erin Faherty is a travel blogger from New York City who spent time with Arth Ayurveda in Bangalore this autumn. For more of her adventures, follow along on Facebook at

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