Bloggers Learn about Ayurveda with Arth

Arth Ayurveda took part in the #escape2goa project in Goa with 15 of the world’s top bloggers. The bloggers learned about Ayurvedic treatments and travel tips from the Escape2Goa health partner, Arth Ayurveda. Dr. Prashanth explained how to combat jetlag naturally, avoiding certain types of meals while flying, how to incorporate oil massages into your normal routine, how to prevent motion sickness, chewing cardamom seeds, naturally feeling better after food poisoning and preventing bug bites naturally. The bloggers were also taught how in India people use oils, face packs and natural supplements like ginger to ease travel related health issues. The workshop was a foray into how travelers can take advantage of the Ayurveda treatment opportunities available in Goa. Here are some of the highlights from the bloggers experiences with us.

Spanish Youtuber “Yellow Mellow” tries Indian Ayurveda medicine with us for the very first time! If you know Spanish, check out what she had to say about Arth and how it will help her stay healthy during her travels.

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