Also referred as Digital eye strain, computer vision syndrome in bangalore can be described as a group of vision related issues that are growing at a fast pace. This syndrome is developed via tablet, computer, e-reader and excessive cellphone usage. Discomfort and vision problems are experienced when viewing digital screens for extended period.

Sometimes redness of eyes happens along with the itching sensation which indicates the severity of the same.Though, computer vision syndrome is not a dreadful health condition, but it can certainly contribute in decreasing an individuals working efficiency.

In such hassle, an average worker spends minimum 7-8 hours a day on computer or laptop which make the eyes prone to strain and hence result in various conditions which include blurred vision (temporarily), dryness of eyes, watery eyes, aching eyes, severe headache, discomfort in viewing the screen for a long time, redness of eyes, etc. Visit an

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to eliminate the discomfort experienced during an eye infection.

At ARTH we focus on vanishing computer eye syndrome via our effectual

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Netra Tarpana Ayurvedic Treatment