Abhyanga is a very

ancient Indian Ayurvedic treatment

that has been highly reccomended as a flawless solution to modern problems. Abhyanga helps loosen and release deep rooted toxins in the

joints and tissues


It’s a best therapy advised for hypertension. Abhyanga therapy provides relief to mind, body, and soul. This warm oil massage/anointment is usually done by two therapists working by either side in standard positions with slow, fast and vigorous strokes. Both therapists work by synchronizing their strokes for about 45 to 60 minutes.
Abhyanga is a Sanskrit word for an oil massage/anointment, usually done with medicated herbal oil and has multidimensional results. It makes your physical and psychological tensions gently ease out, helps resolve deep emotional issues and makes your skin lustrous, and your spirit is restored to its natural state finally helping you experience freedom and lightness. All you need is to give in 100% to its magically soothing effects. These results assure of transcending life to its original state. Visit Arth Ayurveda, a top ayurvedic hospital in bangalore for ayurvedic procedures.

Abhyanga Treatment in Ayurveda