This treatment is a beautiful gift from Ayurveda to the ailing world and is called Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda in Sanskrit and Njavarakizhi in Kerala Ayurvedic practice.

The term Shashtika Shali Pinda Sweda is made up of 4 words:

  • Shashtika means sixty
  • Shali means rice
  • Pinda means bolus
  • Sweda is sweat
Shastik Shali Sweda Pinda - Arth Ayurveda

Swedana is sweat inducing treatment.

ShastikaShali(Navara) Means rice which is grown in 60 days. This rice with special medicinal values is used as main ingredient in the procedure and so the name ShastikaShali or Nyavara. Pinda means a bolus. Sweda means Fomentation or sudation.

ShashtikaShaliPindaSwedais a treatment in which a special type of rice called ShashtikaShali (which is harvested in 60 days and is exclusively used for treatment purposes in Ayurveda) prepared in milk processed with herbal decoction is tied in boluses and used for rubbing on the body parts which are intended to receive nutrition and strength. It also has an extraordinary relaxing and analgesic effect.


In this form of treatment, initially decoction of Balamula (roots of Sidacordifolia) is prepared. Two portions of this Bala decoction are boiled with equal quantity of milk separately. In one portion of processed milk, the Shashtika rice is cooked until properly formed. This processed rice is tied in 8 boluses. The boluses are dipped in the other portion of processed milk and continuously rubbed over the body. The process is carried out until proper sweating occurs.


ShashtikaShaliPindaSweda is an unparalleled treatment in Vata, Pitta and Rakta (vitiated blood) morbidity or any disease or painful conditions caused by morbid Vayu, Pitta and or Rakta, usually degenerative and inflammatory diseases or diseases caused due to contamination of blood.

  • Provides strength to the tissues, mainly muscle tissue
  • Rejuvenates and energizes the body
  • Prevents wasting of muscles and degeneration of joints and soft tissues
  • Relieves pain, stiffness and swelling associated with arthritis and other painful conditions mentioned above
  • Causes sweating and brings about lightness and a feeling of health in the afflicted joints, muscles and soft tissues
  • When combined with NityaVirechana, ShashtikaShaliPindaSweda eliminates the body toxins, establishes health and tones up the joints and soft tissues
  • Improves the movements of the joints and enhances flexibility of the body
  • Soothes the nerves and improves blood circulation
  • Removes stress, relaxes mind
  • Improves circulation to skin, improves colour and complexion

The treatment is also used in painful and or degenerative conditions like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatic diseases, Sexual weakness, Myalgia, GB Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, various types of Neuro-muscular and Musculoskeletal diseases.