Modern life is full of hassles, deadlines, frustrations, and demands. For many people, stress is so commonplace that it has become a way of life. Stress can affect how you feel, think, behave and how your body works. In fact, stress can create a variety of symptoms including anxiety, fatigue, eating disorders, depression, headaches, difficulty concentrating and increased anger and relationship troubles. Stress is not an illness in itself, but it can cause serious illness if it is not addressed. When we are suffering excess stress, many systems in the body can be negatively affected: the digestive system and metabolic function (including imbalances in body weight), the cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system, the nervous system, the reproductive system, and the immune system.

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How does it work?

According to Ayurveda, our inability to deal with stress is due to an imbalance, or lack of coordination of the 3 main mental functions: Dhi (learning), Dhriti (retention) and Smriti (long-term memory), and a lack of Ojas energy in the body. At Arth Ayurveda, stress management through ayurveda helps to relieve the stress accumulated over the years, and increasing the body’s level of Ojas by achieving proper hormonal balance and reinforcing mental potency to better cope with stress in the future. Common solutions include diet, exercise and medications (if required). Stress management through Ayurveda prescribes treatments like Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Swedana for a certain duration of time followed by Virechana.


An ayurvedic treatment for stress , wherein the person is made to lie on his back on a massage table and warm medicated herbal oil is poured in a stream on the forehead, targeting the area in between the eyebrows. The reason behind doing so is that the area in between the eyebrows is the point where all the nerves in the body meet. Hence, when oil gets in contact with this area, it soothes the nervous system with the same effect that one receives through a good body massaged. Even the immune system of the person gets relaxed through ShiroDhar

Herbal Brain Tonics:

Ayurveda recommends tonics containing herbs such as Brahmi, Ashwagandha and Shankhpushpi. For individuals suffering from acute emotional and mental stress, the herbs are poured in the form of medicated oil through the nostrils, as this puts the herbs immediately into the bloodstream, as it is in close vicinity to the brain.


Meditation, Color therapies, Music Therapy, Aromatherapy and Yoga are other therapies that help in bringing about a balance of mental, physical, nervous and immune systems. Even essential oils could be used at the office to bring a calming effect to the mind through the sense of smell.

Individuals who follow certain aspects such as timely meals, eating a diet based on their doshas, regular intake of herbal tonics,investing a few minutes for meditation each day and probably undergoes a Shirodhara at least once a month, appear so much more calm, sharp and clearer in their views. They begin to think positively and their reaction towards work situation changes for the better.